Marketing Services

Marketing Services

RightFit Marketing provides expert cost-effective advice and ‘hands-on’ marketing help to technology, software & IT businesses that want to gain new customers and develop stronger relationships with their current ones.

Marketing strategy ideas

Marketing Strategy and Implementation

With 20 years B2B and B2C marketing experience behind me; RightFit Marketing’s services range from specific requirements—such as writing fresh content for your website—to the development and execution of marketing and communications strategy. Depending on your needs, some of the things that I might recommend and implement are:

  • Marketing/sales collateral (e.g. written/video case studies, brochures, flyers etc)
  • Website development
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO – helping your organisation to appear at the top of the first page of Google)
  • Social media leverage (particularly LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+)
  • Marketing campaigns (digital/online and offline)
  • Google AdWords advertising (paid-for advertising on Google)
  • Video marketing
  • Customer sales proposal templates and content
  • Brand development
  • Customer communications and insight programmes (to help with customer retention, cross-sales and letting your customers tell you what you’re doing well/could improve on)
  • Press/media releases and leverage
  • Sustainability strategy and leverage
  • Advertising (online, press, radio etc)
  • Internal/external PowerPoint presentations
  • Internal communications strategy.


Copywriting Content Marketing

Copywriting and Content Marketing

 Once there was a boy…

He enjoyed writing at school very much, however he always struggled to write essays that were as long as his class mates. His teachers always thought he got his points across well, but told him to write more pages. Okay, so the boy was me and I’ve always had the natural skill to write succinctly. It worked against me in English class, but one day I discovered marketing and that was it – I knew I’d found my occupation.


Google Search Engine Optimisation SEO page ranking results

Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It just amazes me how often I see websites that look good, but don’t do a lot to help themselves rank well on search engines.

‘Natural’ search results

This is the art and science of getting your website to appear as high as possible in search results for words/phrases that your potential customers use. Put simply, Google will give the top spot in the search result to the website that it believes is the most relevant for that person and the word(s) they have searched on (yes, they know things about you and that influences the search results you see).It starts with me getting an understanding of your products/services, who your target customers are and their motivations for purchasing. I then optimise your site to appeal both to the would-be customer and to Google. Beyond that, there are many little things I do that are not visible to the site visitor – but I’m not about to reveal them publicly!

Google Adwords

Did you know that on Google, the top ranking site gets approximately 42% of the traffic – the second only gets 12%*. That’s a 30% difference between first and second! Third place gets 8.5%, fourth 6% and so forth.
So,the top spot is clearly where you want to be – or do you? There are many people who will guarantee to get your site to number one on Google – good for them.That’s a bit like asking Ferrari to guarantee they will build you the fastest car in the world; it’s probably possible, if you throw enough money at it (until the new Bugatti Veyron comes along).
Sometimes for very competitive search terms (‘Keywords’), it’s much smarter to invest in ranking second or third. That way you can cover a much wider range of Keywords – thus getting more clicks overall.
Google Adwords is where you pay to place an ad for your website as high as possible in Google search results(these are the search results you see with the little ‘Ad’ image next to them). For many businesses, this is worth me helping you with once we’ve got your site optimised for natural search results.

Let’s get on to it

I can help you with a search engine ranking strategy that fits your business goals and budget – so you get more warm leads landing on your site every day.
My unique combination of business acumen, copywriting skills and search engine geekery will get your site cranking, ranking and banking.

*According to leaked data from AOL.