About RightFit Marketing

Thanks for stopping by the online home of RightFit Marketing. I’m Rick Petford; marketer with over 20 years’ experience. I’ve worked for, or with companies of all sizes, across almost all media (I think TV is the only one I haven’t done)!
If you do work with me, don’t be surprised if spending more money on advertising or campaigns is pretty far down the agenda. I believe it’s vital to ensure that core business activities are humming first.
What’s the point in spending more on advertising if your lead conversion rate is low? What about repeat purchasers – are you getting repeat business and referrals from those hard-won customers? You get the idea – we’ll spend time and money effectively, where it will have the biggest and most enduring impact on your business. Then we might start talking about advertising.

I will only work with a client if I truly believe that I am the best person to help you (yes, I have turned business away). My skills cover a wide range of marketing disciplines and I draw on the skills of trusted designers when this is required.
If you’re: building a business for the long-term, really care about your customers, staff and community; and want to run a lean-mean operation that keeps environmental impact to a minimum – then get in touch; I’d love to see how I can help.
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Rick Petford